Group Vice Chancellor

A few words from our group vice chancellor, Prof. Dr. Christina Smith

Group Vice Chancellor


To everyone that ventures to Royal Oxford University in pursuit of knowledge and the greater good, we welcome you. In our effort to improve accessibility to education, we have strived to deliver world class education at affordable prices to anyone, anywhere. We conduct full-time as well as part-time courses online.

As the group vice chancellor of ROU, it is my duty to evaluate the quality and practical value of education conducted here. We have a highly qualified faculty, most of whom hold a doctorate degree from accredited universities from North America and Europe. Together, we hope to provide the best learning experience while preparing you with sufficient knowledge to navigate the ever-changing demands of the world. We advocate for fair education for the underprivileged. We provide scholarships for those in need.

In keeping with advancement in information and communications technology, we have made great strides in converting our courses online. For the last decade, our students had access to course resources online and communicated with members of the teaching staff and fellow students from across the globe. This truly bridges the physical distance as well as a myriad of fiscal barriers to education.

As a research university, we cover a wide area of interest ranging from stem cells to alternative energy solution. Students and scholars from various domains conduct research under our supervision, often in collaboration with industry partners. We believe in doing our part in the betterment of mankind through scientific breakthroughs.

I wish you great success in your time with us.