About ROU

Students, scholars and teachers venture here in the pursuit of knowledge and the greater good.

Royal Oxford University


Royal Oxford University is best known for its 5 qualities.

1. ROU Chancellors

Head of state or the monarch of ROU’s residing country is appointed honorary chancellor at ROU’s campus.

2. Alumni

Graduates, business leaders, as well as head of state or the monarch make up ROU’s alumni. Membership is granted by completion of studies or by invitation.

3. Research

Area of active research and interest at ROU includes:

  1. Dengue and leukemia treatment and prophylaxis
  2. Immunomodulation and weight loss studies
  3. Stem cell research and rejuvenation science
  4. Cloning and tissue study of endangered or extinct species
  5. Big data and arificial intelligence
  6. Robotics and autonomous vehicle
  7. Nanotechnology and quantum computing
  8. Food safety and security
  9. Waste management
  10. Logistics
  11. Alternative energy solutions
  12. Fast-cycle construction of self-sustaining buildings
  13. Satellite and land communication services
  14. Blockchain technology

4. Global Initiative

Reforestation, combating poverty and contributing to workforce participation and quality.

5. 11-star Education Program

ROU’s curriculum combines flexibility with academic rigor to produce candidates that best meet the world’s challenges. It is characterized by:

  1. Highly accredited teaching staff: all doctorate holders from UK / USA / Canada
  2. Flexible entry requirement
  3. Job readiness
  4. Attend only 4 times in a year in campus
  5. Zero examination - 100% assignment based credit system
  6. High priority on autonomy and online studies
  7. Honorary accreditation to business leaders
  8. Top 7 global varsity standard
  9. Double certification from UK / USA / Canada
  10. Business students graduate with a working online business
  11. Comprehensive MBA and PhD curriculum spanning 31 modules


Denver, USA

Denver Campus

Calgary, Canada

Calgary Campus

Oxford, UK

Oxford Campus

Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon Campus


The four animals that make up ROU’s mascots are tiger, eagle, lion and leopard, collectively known as “TELL”.