List of the teaching staff at Royal Oxford University.

No Name Country of Residence Academic Background
1 Prof Allan Smith UK PhD from Harvard, USA
2 Prof Elianna John UK PhD from Oxford, UK
3 Prof Jayson Marcus UK PhD from MIT, USA
4 Prof Louis Martin Bella Alfred UK PhD from UW, USA
5 Prof William Jr. Alex UK PhD from Cambridge, UK
6 Prof Joseph JJ. King UK PhD from Yale USA
7 Prof Christopher Oyadiran UK PhD from U. Penn, USA
8 Prof Jamika Grekn UK PhD from Boston, USA
9 Prof Liza Malik UK PhD from Toronto, Canada
10 Prof Thea Oshoboke UK PhD from ARM, USA
11 Prof John Abbott UK PhD from Caltech, USA
12 Prof Ryan Nicol UK PhD from Stanford, USA
13 Prof Lyedea William UK PhD from Cambridge, UK
14 Prof Nicholas Oyadiran UK PhD from London, UK
15 Prof Nathan Doyle UK PhD from UCLA, USA
16 Prof Theresa Tayana UK PhD from, Boc Uni, Italy
17 Prof Samuel Eagan UK PhD from Oxford, UK
18 Prof Olufani Walls UK PhD from Leeds, UK
19 Prof George Oshoboke UK PhD from INSEAD, France
20 Prof Abigail Vassevo UK PhD from HEC Paris, France
21 Prof Sramana Bradberry UK PhD from UCB, USA
22 Prof Travis Morgan USA PhD from Caltech, USA
23 Prof Mika Stanley USA PhD from City U – NY, USA
24 Prof Pamela Swingler USA PhD from MIT, USA
25 Prof Theodore USA PhD from Columbia, USA
26 Prof Bruce Deneuve USA PhD from Warwick, UK
27 Prof Blake Morgan USA PhD from U Penn, USA
28 Prof Kelly Johnston USA PhD from Rotterdam, UK
29 Prof Disena Parker USA PhD from Man U, UK
30 Prof Jim Steingart USA PhD from London, UK
31 Prof Roberto Blonstron USA PhD from NYU, USA
32 Prof Malt Mauston USA PhD from UCLA, USA
33 Prof Jacob Mart USA PhD from Yale, USA
34 Prof Matthew Jr Galbally USA PhD from Cambridge, UK
35 Prof Emily McGill USA PhD from Harvard, USA
36 Prof Jamie Dyer USA PhD from Johns Hopkins, USA
37 Prof Kyle S. Mylchreest USA PhD from Toronto, Canada
38 Prof Colin Henaghen USA PhD from Stanford, USA
39 Prof Douglas Freites USA PhD from Oxford, UK
40 Prof Ryan Bruce USA PhD from UCSF, USA
41 Prof Emma Cambell USA PhD from UW, USA
42 Prof Jen Hoban USA PhD from Duke, USA
43 Prof Keith Kemp John USA PhD from Alberta, Canada
44 Prof Aaron Milar USA PhD from Oxford, UK
45 Prof Gerry Wright USA PhD from McMaster, Canada
46 Prof Hugh Hamilton USA PhD from Cambridge, UK
47 Prof John Clarke USA PhD from London, UK
48 Prof Allison Frew Canada PhD from Cornell, USA
49 Prof Paul Dore Canada PhD from IMD, Switzerland
50 Prof Ian Lowe Canada PhD from Imperial, USA
51 Prof Louise Reilly Canada PhD from MIT, USA
52 Prof Collette Worrall Canada PhD from Heidelberg, Germany
53 Prof Rory Kerr Canada PhD from Indiana, USA
54 Prof Greame Macpherson Canada PhD from King, UK
55 Prof Joyce Phillips Canada PhD from Pittsburg, USA
56 Prof Suzy Graham Canada PhD from Toronto, Canada
57 Prof Gordon Friel Canada PhD from MIT, USA
58 Prof Greg Kerr Canada PhD from UW, USA
59 Prof Hilary Giannakou Canada PhD from UCLA, USA
60 Prof Hazel Fenn Canada PhD from Lancaster, UK
61 Prof Tamsin Addley Canada PhD from Ox Brookes, UK
62 Prof Elena Carson Canada PhD from Penn State, USA
63 Prof Dez Mcgreechan Canada PhD from UW, USA
64 Prof Sandra Murtagh Canada PhD from McGill, Canada
65 Prof Kelly Peter Canada PhD from Penn State, USA
66 Prof Matt Santos Canada PhD from Tokyo U, Japan
67 Prof Steven Sr Innes Canada PhD from Edmonton, Canada
68 Prof Anja Gibb Canada PhD from Tech Munich, Germany
69 Prof Karen Smith Canada PhD from Texas A&M, USA
70 Prof David Jackson Canada PhD from Carnegie, USA
71 Prof Gareth Marriott Canada PhD from Oxford, UK
72 Prof Ryan Rindi Canada PhD from Boston, USA
73 Prof Andrew Stirling Germany PhD from U Cal, Canada
74 Prof Alice Cowie Germany PhD from U Penn, USA
75 Prof Danny Stark Germany PhD from Edinburgh, USA
76 Prof Gemma McLellan France PhD from Chicago, USA
77 Prof Swinney Hill France PhD from Pittsburg, USA
78 Prof Stephanie Robertson France PhD from Granfield, UK
79 Prof Sophie Hayes Ireland PhD from Georgia, USA
80 Prof Chris Thomas Ireland PhD from Emlyon, France
81 Prof Antonio L. Lawrence Ireland PhD from U Penn, USA