Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration

Rigorous program designed for scholars interested in academic research.

Program Summary

1. Prerequisites: Master's degree, good English command

2. Duration: 4 - 7 years

3. Cost: $10,000 - $14,000

Admission Application Form

Doctor in Business Administration


This doctoral program combines 31 refresher modules from the MBA program and 7 core modules that prepare you for the final dissertation. Strong work ethic and autonomy are required to complete this research-centric program successfully.

Entry Requirements

The ideal candidate is at least a Master’s degree holder with 3.0 GPA and a good command of the English language (IELTS band 6 or equivalent). Prior work experience will be beneficial.

Intake & Study Schedule

Quarter IQuarter IIQuarter IIIQuarter IV
IntakeJAN (2nd weekend)APR (2nd weekend)JUL (2nd weekend)OCT (2nd weekend)
0800 - 1000Module 1 & 5Module 9 & 13Module 17 & 21Module 25 & 29
1000 - 1030BreakBreakBreakBreak
1030 - 1230Module 2 & 6Module 10 & 14Module 18 & 22Module 26 & 30
1230 - 1330LunchLunchLunchLunch
1330 - 1530Module 3 & 7Module 11 & 15Module 19 & 23Module 27 & 31
1530 - 1600BreakBreakBreakBreak
1600 - 1800Module 4 & 8Module 12 & 16Module 20 & 24Module 28
Total Lecturing Hours16161616
Total Online Lecturing Hours16161616
Total Online Discussion Hours16161616
Total Dissertation Supervision Hours48484848
Class HoursIndividual & Group Research HoursTotal Hours

Tuition Fees

Financial assistance is available for those in need. Terms and conditions apply.

InstallmentsSingle (USD)12x (USD)24x (USD)


1Attendance, class participation10Compulsory for in-person students
2Final dissertation (70,000 words)60Compulsory
3Viva oral defense30Compulsory


NoRefresher Modules
1Human Capital: Manpower Strategy Planning, Recruitment, Training & Talent Management, Succession, Compensation & Benefits, Policy
2Research Methods for Final Thesis (30,000 Words)
3Corporate & Managerial Accounting
4Business Law And Policy: Contracts (MOU, MOA)
5Corporate & Managerial Finance & Banking (Traditional & Islamic)
6Project Management
7Corporate Strategy for BOD & BOG
8Business Economics (Macro & Micro)
9Marketing (6P)
10Management Information System (MIS), EDP, IT, Automation / Robotics
11Business Globalization, OEM
12Organizational & Office Administration, Cost Effectiveness Operational Strategy
13Organizational Behavior
14Corporate Communication, Public Relations, Image Power
15International Business (Import & Export)
17Human Phycology and Leadership
18Product / Business Life Cycle, the Blue Ocean Strategy, Big Data Analysis, Quantitative Techniques for Management
19Eco-conscious / Sustainable Business Management
20MSS (Marketing, Sales, Service) and Social Media Marketing
21Forming of Company (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Public)
22Public Listing, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Project Financing, Merger & Reverse Take Over
23Franchising, Multi-level Marketing, Entrepreneurship
24Insurance, Health and Safety
25Auctioned Real Estate Investment
26Procurement, Logistics, Warehousing, Supply Chain
27SOP, ISO, TPM, 5S, Internal Auditing and Corporate Accountability
28Share Market Analaysis & Investment
29Time Management
30Research & Development
31Dissertation, Publication
Core Modules
1Master Plan of Human Capital, Automation & Robotics
2Master Plan of Sales and Marketing
3Master Plan of Logistics and Warehousing
4Advanced Product R&D and Quality Control
5Advanced IT Application and Computing Cost Control
6Advanced Operational Accounts and Finance
7Succession Strategies, Long-term Planning, Global Expansion